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the beginning

Embody started from a conflict of interest. the desire for glowy skin vs a hatred of complex and time-consuming skincare routines. 

Cue the birth of the shea sugar scrub - one product that allows you to exfoliate and moisturise your skin all in one shower. the perfect start to a simple and fun skincare routine. 

after that came shea mocha, and then the body butters, the face masks.

the mantra

today, embody's mission is to make sure you always have time for a lil' self care. rub down, glow up and feel great. WITH THE ADDITION OF jewellery to our collection, YOU CAN TAKE TREATING YOURSELF TO A NEW LEVEL.

sKINCARE: handmade with

natural ingredients

products by Embody naturals are made by hand from scratch. hours of work go into helping you extend your golden hour. 

every product is handcrafted using carefully sourced, natural, raw ingredients. 


we want you to know that your money is being well spent, which is why we choose our suppliers as carefully as we can.


our supplier makes sure that the 100% organic shea butter used in our products is extracted in the traditional way by a womens' cooperative in Africa that's committed to empowering local women we also make sure to give you seeds in every order so you have a use for your empty containers and can make a small contribution towards bee populations. all we want is to do skincare the right way, and we realise it takes small and gradual changes to get there. 

JEWELLERY: handmade with


EMBODY GEMZ IS ALL ABOUT HAVING GORGEOUS STATEMENT PIECES THAT ADD TO YOUR LOOK AND ENHANCE YOUR STYLE. after starting a skincare brand, jewellery seemed like the ideal next step to help you to adorn and love your body the way it deserves. handmade and finished, each piece slightly unique, and therefore truly yours. this is only the beginning

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